Saturday, January 07, 2006


After a couple of false starts I became a runner (see the definitions post) in 1971. I've been on the run ever since.

I am, of course, an amateur. In any kind of competition, I'd finish last. So I'm not competitive. I'm just an ordinary guy with no athletic ability that anyone's ever been able to detect. Just ask the people who taught activity classes in my elementary school or p.e. in high school and college. They all despaired of me.

Anybody, however, and run, even someone like me. What I am is a plodder, and I'm persistent. I can keep doing something once I start. And I've kept running.

Because I'm a writer, I decided to tell what it's been like to run regularly over a long period of time. I'm not trying to benefit anybody by converting people to an exercise regime. I'm just writing stuff down for my own amusement.

Thanks to this being a blog, everything will be published in reverse order. This introduction will follow my definitions, and everything else will follow along as I write it. Anyone wanting to start at the beginning will somehow have to find the way here. Not that I expect anyone to do that. It's quite likely that one one will ever even find this blog, hidden away is it is in a little nook in cyberspace, lurking quietly in its corner with no publicity at all. Even if no one sees it, though, I'm sure I'll enjoy writing it.

And if I don't, I'll just stop.


TM said...

So, the Page post was definitely meant for this blog, and not Pop Culture?

Bill Crider said...

Well, I was ambitious one morning and started this blog. I parked the Page photo here and never got around to moving it.